Our city
Impulsa Ciudad has a project for Marbella of today and the future. We need the trust and involvement of those who share that dream to transform the city from top to bottom. Our project for the municipality is a project of citizenship. A model city with which we want to inspire from the proximity and with a different friendlier look, adapted to the people’s needs and the general interest. For Impulsa Ciudad there is an axis that will back up our entire program: sustainability. We are in favor of a sustainable economy, a pattern of growth that reconciles the economic development, social and environmental in a productive and competitive economy, that favors quality employment, equal opportunities and social cohesion, and that guarantees environmental respect and the rational use of natural resources so that it meets the needs of present generations without compromising the possibilities of future generations to meet their own needs.
Green city
Environment – Measures against climate change – Renewable energies –
Sustainable mobility
Innovative city
Strengthen the economy – Diversify the current productive model – New sources of employment – Tourism – Innovative projects
City with soul
Culture – Patrimony – Education – History – Multiculturalism
City of the present
Improvement of municipal management and public services – Attention to current problems – Day-to-day monitoring
Friendly city
Universal accessibility – Inclusiveness – Urbanism – Sustainable mobility
Active city
Citizenship participation – Transparency – Associationism – Sports, health and physical well-being
Introduction team

We are a plural group of citizens who have wanted to take a step forward with a common goal: defend a model city adapted to the needs of the people and the general interest. In Impulsa Ciudad there is a large team of people with different professional profiles to attend the global nature of the project as well as an introduction team who wanted to make this citizen initiative visible.

‘The best way to predict the future is to create it.’ (Abraham Lincoln)
    ‘If each one of us does what little we can, we will certainly do a lot.’ (Pierre Rabhi)
      ‘The essential is invisible to the eye.’ (El Principito)
        ‘I have no answers for almost anything and yet I have questions for almost everything.’ (Groucho Marx)
          ‘Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world.’ (Nelson Mandela)
            ‘The city is a great human emotion.’ (Renzo Piano)
              ‘Respect for nature and its conservation is a commitment and a necessity for our future.’
                ‘The quality of a people is measured in how it takes care of the life it holds in it.’
                  ‘It always seems impossible until it is done.’ (Nelson Mandela)
                    and you?
                    ‘Let us be the change that we want to see in the world.’ (Gandhi)
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                      24 May

                      Somos como tú.

                      Somos gente como tú. Gente de Marbella y San Pedro que llevamos mucho tiempo trabajando por

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                      13 May

                      Impulsa Ciudad presenta su programa electoral

                      En una sala muy concurrida del Hotel San Cristóbal y con gran ambiente de

                      Press release

                      En una sala muy concurrida del Hotel San Cristóbal y con gran ambiente de expectación, ilusión y apoyo, la agrupación IMPULSA CIUDAD ha

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                      IMPULSA CIUDAD CELEBRA SU PRESENCIA EN LAS ELECCIONES MUNICIPALES DE 2019  Tomando de escenario el lago de Las Tortugas Impulsa Ciudad celebró

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