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Forty-one year old French Safia Aita was born in Paris and lived in a country town in the north of France on the border with Belgium. Safia fell in love with the Spanish language after studying the subject at school and dreamt that one day as an adult she would live in Andalucia. When she was 20 she forgot her dream and went to live in… Paris, the capital.

Graduated from l’ESSEC, one of the best business schools in Paris, as well as a Masters of Sociology of Organisations, she dedicated 11 years to project management in KPMG, one of the four biggest consultancies in the world, enjoying problem solving and organisational improvements.

Wanting to live in a more pleasant environment and work on matters which were more meaningful to her, Safia decided to make the change. It was life and its surprises that brought her to Marbella where she discovered her passion for the outdoors, trekking and the environment.

Believing that a better world begins with oneself, Safia is usually involved in local projects. These include organising activities to free our outdoor spaces of rubbish and making people aware of the advantages of a more ecologically responsible life, putting forward the advantages of alternatives to single use products for example.

As a professional Safia communicates and shares another of her passions, the French language in all of its richness and complexity. She gives private conversation and support classes and also via her platform (‘my feather’) which she set up to give everybody the chance to write and translate in faultless French.